This morning I came to our devotion. Winda who presented the Words. She also testified about her life. She took a chance to school in Senior High School and a College in Manado although her parents said, “don’t go, we don’t have money.” But She kept moving with help from her other family.

Her problem came when she had to go home to Halmahera because she’s sick. She said why she had to experience this when she almost got succeed. She cried.

Like Abraham, she learnt to let something she wanted gone away.
She said that we always had a chance to keep believing in God or not. It’s like the story in the Bible about Jesus and 2 criminals on the cross. One of the criminals believed in God and the other not. He who believed in God was in the heaven with God already.

In devotion, Mrs. Esther talked about how bad the kids that were left by their parents. She talked about their psychology impact.

*How will they grow up later?? I really don’t know.


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