There were many guys on the street when the sky poured its water just now.
They were talking each other and then some guys started to be angry. Some pushed each other.
And next, it happened. They’re fighting on the wet street. Like a tiger’s fight they tried to kill each other.
No friend, no relative. They just fought. Some guys started using their knife.
He didn’t know anything after that. Because he had run. He hid himself in someone’s house. They didn’t know him,
but they wanted to help him. The riot was started. And every those who were minor tribe would be killed.
He, Arva, was one of the small tribe in that place. And hiding in the house of one of the major tribe.
Every house was checked, they tried to find escaped people, because they had a list.
Arva was so afraid in that situation when mass reached the house where he hid. Mass started to press that family.


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